Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner

Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner - Splendr
Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner - splendr.
Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner - Splendr
Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner - Splendr

Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner

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One of HD Beauty’s best seller, Clean and Calm Rose Water Hydrating Facial is an effective and easy to use toner mist that delivers effective nutrients from Rose, Green Tea, Chamomile, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe and Witch Hazel. The mixture of these actives helps to brighten and even skin tone, hydrate and plump to buff fine lines, sooth redness and irritation and promote radiant and smoother complexion.

Thanks to the Rose Oil, the skin becomes more permeable and receptive to other gorgeous ingredients in serums and moisturisers. Say hello to your new youthful and radiant skin.

Sulfate-free · Paraben-free · Phthalate-free · Cruelty-free


Size: 120ml, 58ml

Key Benefits
Rose Essential Oil not only carries a beautiful relaxing aroma but it also contains toning and antiseptic properties that allow this ingredient to soothe, heal and reduce blemishes. The unique oils in Rose allow it to be quite powerful at healing and restoring the skin to prevent premature aging.

Organic Chamomile Extract possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers that can relieve the skin from irritations, redness and blemishes. The antioxidants also give the health of the skin a boost to bring out an inner glow.

Organic Witch Hazel has the ability to tighten pores by purifying them and gently balancing the skin’s sebum production. It is considered and antibacterial and antiseptic ingredient that targets breakouts, blackheads and blemishes. A gentle ingredient to clear the skin without any drying or damaging effects like alcohol.

Organic Aloe Vera boasts an array of powerful nutrients including Vitamins A and B, folic acid, enzymes, proteins, good fatty acids and so much more. This ingredient has the strength to heal, calm and sooth irritated and sunburned skin. It imparts a cooling sensation whilst replenishing damaged skin with vitamins and minerals. Since Aloe has high water content, it is able to deliver intense hydration to the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a type of sugar that is naturally found in our skin that draws and retains moisture and helps keep the skin hydrated and plump. It is the key to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and making the skin glow. Like collagen and elastin, this naturally occurring sugar in our body decreases as we get older. Adding this to the skin through topical product prevents the descending effects of aging.

Organic Green Tea Extract contains a powerful antioxidant that shields the skin from damaging UV rays. It can be considered as a potent anti-aging ingredient to prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea is also a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent which makes it qualified to treat acne and unclog in pores.

Purified water, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) gel*, Extracts of Green tea extract*, Chamomile* and Witch Hazel*, Lecithin, Allantoin, Hyaluronic acid, Vegetable glycerin, Vitis vinifera (Grape) seed extract*, Essential oils of Rosa damascena and Chamomile, and Beta vulgaris (Beet) root extract.

*Organic All natural / paraben free.

How To Apply
Mist on freshly cleansed skin and pat on before serums and moisturiser. Re-apply anytime for refreshing hydration.

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