Why is Vitamin C such a HOLY GRAIL ingredient?

If you haven’t heard of Vitamin C before then... What rock have you been living under?! Vitamin C is not just a buzzword, it’s DEEE buzzword in the beauty community. Can’t go past a beauty article/store/post/influencer without seeing or hearing the word "Vitamin C". The craze now is to combine your Vitamin C product with your sunscreen. The new power couple since Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl anyone?)

There’s no mistake in saying that Vitamin C is a holy grail ingredient to many, and by many we mean 99.9% of the beauty community. Why the popularity you ask?

First off, what is Vitamin C? 

It’s a potent and almighty antioxidant that aims to prevent and protect the skin from everyday aggressors like UV damage and environmental pollutants. In case you were wondering, antioxidants are neutralisers to highly reactive molecules known as free radicals. These free radicals can wreak havoc on the skin. Not only can they cause premature aging, but they can also lead to something as serious as cancer. See! We weren't kidding when we said it was an almighty ingredient because Vitamin C can block those annoying and pesky free radicals.

1. Guarding the skin from free radicals - This is probably the most important benefit. Not only will it neutralise the free radicals but also prevent the breakdown of proteins in our skin due to oxidative damage. This means there’s a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and age spots but an increase in radiance, firmness and elasticity.

2. Promoting collagen production - A quick physiology lesson: Vitamin C acts as a co-factor for the enzymes which help stabilise the collagen structure. It also enhances collagen gene expression. Increase in collagen means decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and increase in the smoothness of the skin.

3. Minimises age spots and hyperpigmentation - Vitamin C can reduce melanin synthesis by interfering with the action of tyrosinase, an enzyme that triggers melanogenesis.

4. Helps soothe sunburns or damaged skin - There are studies to suggest that Vitamin C has the ability to help skin regenerate healthy cells to replace damaged ones. Goodbye funny tan lines!

5. Minimises redness due to inflammatory response - Literature shows that Vitamin C has the capability to downregulate inflammatory markers. Blocking inflammatory pathways helps the skin keep redness at bay and give you an even-toned complexion.

    Here are some of our favourite Vitamin C products: 

    Hanskin Vitamin C Glow Powder Cleanser

    This transformative formula turns from powder to creamy cleanser once it comes in contact with water. It contains pure form of ascorbic acid to brighten the skin and papaya enzyme to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. A must have if you want to achieve the "glass skin" vibes. 


    Hanskin Vitamin C Glow Mask

    The very first clay mask we've tried that contains Vitamin C and Sodium Hyaluronate. She's not your typical clay purifying mask, she's better. The texture is actually a creamy gel and when it dries down it doesn't feel tightening at all. It still has the great purifying and detoxifying benefits from Kaolin and Bentonite Clays but it's just a lot more gentle on the skin. Your skin will feel so refreshed, feel smoother and softer and look much brighter after trying this. 


    Hanskin Vitamin C Glow Serum

    We're absolutely in love with this product! If you could only buy one vitamin C product from the Hanskin range, this is the one! It contains Vitamin C and Niacinamide and they synergistically work to give your face the nicest illuminating, beauty from within glow! Upon application, the consistency feels like a face oil but when it dries down it's like there's nothing there. The stand out is it's ability to even out the skin tone. AHH WE LOVE!


    Herbal Dynamics Vitamin C 25% Rejuvenating Serum

     Carefully curated to effectively, yet gently, deliver a potent concentration of Vitamin C to brighten and balance the skin tone. Many have vouched that this product is able to visibly reduce dark spots and acne scars. A super lightweight formula that absorbs into the skin almost instantly. No sticky feeling here!

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    Why is Vitamin C such a HOLY GRAIL ingredient?