This Moisturiser Was Made For Acne-Prone Skin

Trying to find an effective moisturiser, let alone the best moisturiser for acne prone skin, is a tough gig. However, alongside sunscreen, moisturiser holds a permanent place in any skincare routine no matter the skin type. Those with acne-prone skin need to moisturise morning and night especially when using ingredients that can cause dryness such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.


The two reasons why people with acne prone skin avoid using moisturisers is because:


  • They already have oily skin and don't deem it necessary to or are afraid to put more moisture and emollients on the skin. Especially if the moisturiser is on the richer side.
  • They are concerned that all moisturisers will clog pores, cause irritation and further enhance the oily look.


Fortunately, both are far from the truth. In fact, neglecting the skin from a moisturiser can actually trigger adverse affects on the skin. Believe it or not, not using a moisturiser can cause even more breakouts. Confused? Let us explain.. 

When skin is dehydrated due to a lack of moisturisation it sets off a response to produce more oil in order to compensate. The extra oil produced accumulates on the skin, causing an imbalance on the microbiota, clogging up pores and giving the dreaded drying pan look.


The trick with finding moisturisers that are suitable for acne-prone skin is looking for key features such as "light" or "oily free". A product that provides the skin with an abundance of of hydration without being too emollient and rich is the perfect balance.


Meet: Dr. Jart's Cicapair Calming Gel Cream

When we say this is the perfect moisturiser for acne-prone skin types, we mean it. It not only is an ultra-light gel cream but it also helps calm, hydrate and soothe sensitive and acne prone skin. Centella extract can dampen the inflammatory cascade especially during acne flares. Sodium Hyaluronate ensures that skin is hydrated and supple. Dr.Jart's proprietary microbiome complex helps to strengthen and improve skin's defenses against external stressors.

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