These Products Made Us Ditch Makeup Wipes Forever!

After a long night out the last thing you want to do is take your makeup off. Yes, we hear you! We've all been there. However, you have no idea how dreadful makeup removing wipes can be for your skin and, of course, the planet.

Here's why we think you shouldn't use them:

1. Ineffective
These deceiving wipes aren't so trustworthy. Even after using them, your skin is still left with residue, dirt and grime. They basically just smear all the yucky stuff around your face instead of effectively breaking down the impurities.

2. Clogged Pores + Breakouts
In reality, there's still a lot of makeup residue, dirt, oil and grime left on the skin. Our pores will become clogged and, as expected, will increase breakouts and unwanted spots.

3. Redness + Irritation
The vigorous rubbing to get all the makeup off using a makeup wipe causes redness and irritation to the skin. Some of the ingredients that are present in the wipes are also generally a little more irritating to the skin. Over time, the constant irritation will lead to very sensitive skin.

4. Not Environmentally Friendly
This is one is pretty obvious. Most wipes are produced from plastic textiles or polypropylene which are considered as single-use plastics and not biodegradable. It'll end up in landfills and take years and years to break down.


Instead.. Go for reusable wipes.

These pads easily and effectively remove makeup, dirt and oils in seconds without any harsh scrubbing. The high quality microfibres are ultra soft and gentle on the skin. Not only will your face be cleaner, but also our precious planet will thank you!


Removing makeup, dirt and oils without wipes

Another sustainable and super effective alternative to makeup wipes is oils or balms. They work really well to remove the makeup in a hassle-free way.  

If you haven't tried cleansing balms or oils (*gasp*) you need to jump on it asap 'cause you're missing out on They gently melt away makeup, dirt, impurities and excess oils. No joke, these oil based formulas are the golden ticket to cleaner, clearer and happier skin. Once you double cleanse, you'll never go back!

Try these products from our range:

Hanskin - Pore Cleansing Balm [BHA]

Hanskin - Pore Cleansing Oil [PHA]


Steps to clean and supple skin


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