The Top 5 Bestsellers Right Now at splendr.

Are you open to experimenting with new products to revitalise your beauty routine? What better way to experiment with new products based on the recommendations from the splendr community and fellow beauty lovers?! These products are selling like hotcakes and we almost can’t keep up! Read about them below, add them to your cart and get ready to be amazed.

Vivid Revival Vitamin K Contouring Eye Cream


This is a top number 1 best selling product. Read through the reviews and you’ll understand why. As you can probably tell by the name, this rich cream contains Vitamin K. It’s an ingredient that is gaining a lot of attention in the skincare scene. Alongside caffeine, Vitamin K is considered one the best ingredients to help with troublesome dark undereye circles by promoting circulation, encourages skin healing and gently imparting brightening benefits. The best part is that the price is also pleasing to the eye! It gives amazing results at an affordable price! Sorry LA MER.

CLE Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder

This product leaves people either wide-eyed in shock or amazingly confused. The reactions to this product are hilarious! Our guess is that people first purchase this out of curiousity and end up loving it! As the name suggest, this product comes as free flowing powder. As soon as the formula touches the skin the magic happens. The formula transforms into a liquid consistency that is super blendable and perfect for a natural flush of colour on the eyes, cheeks and lips. You can be experimental as well and mix shades together to create your own unique look. Transformative textures are our favourite!

Real Complexion Hyaluron Moisture Cream

This has also been a really popular product for us. We have unfortunately under forecasted and are currently sold out ☹ Do not worry, she’s coming back soon! Although not as popular as Vivid Revival Vitamin K Contouring Eye Cream, it is still flying out the door. This product is perfect for any skin type – dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive – you will all benefit. The gel-cream consistency makes the product non-tacky, silky smooth and light but still surprisingly very hydrating. If you like that dewy and glass glow look, this one is for you.

Youth Refresh™ Hydrating Strawberry Antioxidant Cleanser

“It’s the smell for me!” The scent from the natural strawberry oil just hits different. This cleanser has the amazing ability to be gentle on the skin yet super effective at removing a thick layer of mascara and eyeliner. Others have left reviews saying that this product does not give a dry/stripping after feel. Thanks to the absence of sulfates and hydrolysed wheat proteins the skin’s hydration is maintained.

Vitamin C Glow Serum

Everyone needs a Vitamin C product in their skincare routine which is probably why Hanskin’s Vitamin C Glow Serum was the fastest product to climb the top five best sellers list. This product contains both Vitamin C and Niacinamide to synergistically give a brighter and smoother complexion. Vitamin C is known to help fight free radicals from sun exposure or other environmental factors and also minimise the appearance of dark spots. This formula has quite a different skin feel. When you initially apply this, it feels like a really light oil but then absorbs in like it’s an aqueous serum. It’s strange but a good strange. Also, if you’re a beginner to actives, this is a great product to start with because it’s a  gentle formula and suitable for sensitive skin.

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