Splendrous Moments: Weekly YouTube uploads, the new CCC Cream + how to plan for tomorrow

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Let's get you filled in, shall we?

First of all, BIG NEWS GUYS... We've committed to weekly YouTube uploads. Yes, WEEKLY! Are we crazy? Maybe. Are you going to see hell of a lot more of our faces? Yes. Is that a good thing? Not sure LOL. Allllls we hope is that we bring you entertaining, valuable, good quality content.

If you're somewhat interested in any of this, you'll want to subscribe! If you haven't yet, pls subscribe. You won't regret it!

Before we proceed, can we just take a moment to appreciate (and maybe slightly freak out) that August is here which means one more month until Winter is over - like, didn't it just start?! And how about this being thrown into the mix - we're only 4 months away from Christmas.

our latest obsession

On to less stressful things... As some of you may have seen, we have introduced a new product into the CLE Cosmetics family! The CCC Cream - a very unique formula that is pretty much a light foundation with added SPF. It also magically transforms from one colour to another when you blend it - tell us that's not freaking cool?!

How?? This product uses micro-capsule technology which encapsulates pigment that gets released upon friction i.e. when you touch and blend the product. What makes it extra fancy is that it adjusts to your own skin tone so the application looks seamless!

Still a bit skeptical? Check out Libby's first impressions here on IGTV where she tries shade "Warm Medium Light" for the first time and gives her honest opinion.

If you wanna give her a whirl, we are giving out free tester samples so that you can find your perfect shade before buying the full size! All you have to do is ask us - DM or email us at hello@splendr.com.au.

our splendrous tips of the trade


If you already do this, you're an MVP. We love the way you think. If you don't, we HIGHLY recommend you plan for tomorrow because it can actually be life-changing.

Do we do it? Heck yes! When we both worked together in our corporate job, we always went home together (duh). But one rule that we had before getting off our butts, leaving our desk and walking out of those glorious doors to a very packed train station, was to make sure we had our shit together for the following morning i.e. making sure our future selves were set up and ready to take on another day of work.

Why do we do it? We believe it's good for the mind and thus the soul. It helps keep the stress levels at bay and it makes us feel in control. Like we mentioned above, when you plan for tomorrow, you're essentially looking after yourself by thinking ahead and planning for the things that are going to happen. This could be so that you are more efficient, organised, prompt, prepared, productive. And when you experience all of these things, you just feel like a king, and less like a headless chook running around with your stress levels through the roof.

Now, some people don't feel the need to plan for tomorrow because they work more productively when under pressure or when in the moment. Hats off to you people, but for the rest of us who aren't on that level, planning ahead is the way to go.

Here are some ways we plan for tomorrow that might be helpful to you too!

Yeaaaa we're THAT type of person who is obsessed with lists. To-do lists, shopping lists, restaurants to visit lists - we're all for it.
Writing a to-do list is SO helpful. If you can, try to write your lists in chronological order. Trust us, every time you complete a task and tick that check-box, it's one of the most satisfying feelings EVER. We find that you also feel way more productive after seeing all of those check boxes being ticked, and somewhat accountable if you have tasks written down that you need to complete.

2.  Prepare your work outfit the day before
We are speaking from experience here... There was one time Libby woke up waayyy after her alarm went off and grabbed the first top and jeans she saw lying around before bolting to work. And then used the hair straightener in the office bathroom to fix her nest of hair lol.
Don't be Libby - take some time to think about what to wear the next day (if you don't have to wear a uniform) and get it prepped. You'll save a chunk of time in the morning because you don't have to standing in your wardrobe half naked and half asleep thinking about where your favourite jeans are and if they're work appropriate.

3. Review your agenda/schedule for tomorrow
This one goes hand-in-hand with point number 1. Have a looksie at what you have on for the next day - you'll have a good idea about how many meetings you need to go to, if you need to come prepared to the meetings with presentations/input, if you have spare time you have to go grab a coffee and croissant.. You get it. It also mentally prepares you so that you're not in complete shock when you rock up to work and see that your day is completely full of meetings and realise that you need to cancel lunch with your mate.

4. Sleep
At least 7 hours. You'll be surprised how much a solid amount of sleep the night before can help you survive through a day of work and even boost your energy levels! 


Thank you thank you thank you if you've made it this far! We appreciate you and hope this made you smile today. We would also appreciate you more if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on this blog and/or our brand by leaving a comment below. Or if you've tried any of the products from our store, we'd love if you could share your experience by leaving a review on our website! Until next time,

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