Splendrous Moments: Being productive in iso, a ten/ten candle + embracing failure

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Aaaand we're back in lockdown.. We don't wanna be a Debbie Downer so we won't talk about this topic here (good vibes only pls) BUT we do hope you're all doing safe and well, friends! Don't forget that we're just one DM or email away if you would like to chat.

We always look at the upsides of lockdown and take it as an opportunity to knuckle down and get the creative juices flowing. Although we can't meet irl for work (cries), we've been making the most of our time at home by creating content, scouting new brands to onboard on our website (keep your eyes peeled), eating all of our food deliveries, and binging the good ol' Netflix. Oh and how good is it to not think about what outfit to wear the next day? PJ's all day errday!

our latest obsession


Ok when we tell you this product smells like you're on a holiday on a tropical island somewhere with a Pina colada in your hand and no f*cks to give, you best believe that's exactly what the vibe is. Think Weis bar on a hot summer's day. YUM!

Our girl Michelle (IG: @guccipaints) collaborated with burnn. candles to bring this candle to life. She smells of mango, coconut and sandalwood. She's tropical and sweet but we LOVE the addition of sandalwood that tones the sweetness down and adds some depth and warmth. We. Are. Obsessed. The love and care that goes into all the details of this candle, down to the packaging, is also so admirable!

You can purchase her on her own, or with a wick trimmer which in our opinion is so worth making us feel like a bougie bad bitch every time we go to trim that wick! And omg don't get us started on how perfect she looks sitting in our little studio.

our splendrous tips of the trade

Ahhh the F word. No, not that one! We're talking about FAILURE. When we think of failing we associate it with disappointment, unworthiness, f*cking up, not being successful, the end of the world... You get it. The truth is.. The risk of failing is ALWAYS going to be there when you go for something. That's the tricky thing - you don't know if it's going to work out or go to shits until it actually happens. For most people, when they do not get the outcome they hoped for, they immediately think of themselves or their approach as a failure.

But do you ever think about how we could change the perspective on this and have a laugh about failure? Why not embrace the "failure", brush it off, and move on? There's no need to carry unnecessary stress on your shoulders!

So, what are some ways that we can embrace failure?

- Learn to make friends with the possibility of failure.
Set some expectations. When you go to a job interview, for example, be okay with the fact that you might not get the job. You'll have a few other interviews lined up, right? You're already planning ahead to move on!

- Don't see failure as a representation of your self-worth.
See it as a learning and/or an opportunity to do better next time! Just because you lost at one thing, doesn't mean you're going to lose at everything.
Continuing on from the job interview example above.. The worst thing that can happen is that you get turned down but you walk away with that extra interview experience that will help you nail your next one, plus (hopefully) some feedback from the interviewer which you can use to do better next time. You'll be laughing!

Remember: It's not about failing. It's about the willingness to face these risks that determines how likely you are to succeed.

- Be resilient!
Honestly, the best thing to do when you fail is to take a brief moment to accept it and MOVE TF ON. You don't have time to sit around and sulk. It causes you unnecessary stress and we do not need premature grey hairs please. Take initiative to understand why your plan didn't pan out well and put together a new plan of attack to improve. Stay positive!


Thank you thank you thank you if you've made it this far! We appreciate you and hope this made you smile today. We would also appreciate you more if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on this blog and/or our brand by replying directly to this email. Or if you've tried any of the products from our store, we'd love if you could share your experience by leaving a review on our website! Until next time,

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