Splendrous Moments: The most bougie-feeling yet affordable-priced face balm + how to prevent burnout

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Great to have you back here again! We're not going to lie and say that this lockdown has been a complete joy. Although it has allowed us to relax and reflect A LOT, it's just not cute anymore..

We've also had to compromise and film YouTube videos over FaceTime because we low key didn't wanna promise you guys weekly uploads and then look like we couldn't do it lol. So if FaceTime is what it takes then we shall FaceTime!

ICYMI, we're having a sale!!! Yes, it's on RIGHT NOW until Sunday night. Come on, there's no point moping around at home. Go and spoil yourself with some skincare please! Everything on our website (except the sale section) is 25% off! And if you're wanting to try something, let us know so we can send some samples your way.

our latest obsession

Okay we had to talk about this one (inb4 Winter is¬†over). HD Beauty's¬†RevitAge‚ĄĘ Precious Rose Concentrated Face Balm has been such a delight to use this season. Not only does it smell like a literal bouquet of roses (don't worry, it's not the¬†overpowering kind of¬†smell like ya granny's perfume), but it also has been a complete¬†godsend for our poor dry skin.

Let's break her down, shall we?

What's inside?
Soooo many Rose Extracts i.e. Black Rose, Damask Rose, Cabbage Rose, French Rose and Alpine Rose. These all work together with rose oil and waxes to deliver strong anti-aging benefits.

- Damask Rose Oil + Wax: Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to calm inflamed/acne-prone skin. An abundance of antioxidants help fight free radical damage = BYE WRINKLES AND FINE LINES, HELLO YOUTHFUL PLUMP SKIN!
- Black Rose Extract: Also highly antioxidant. Omegas 3 & 6 provide ultimate hydration and protection.
- Rose Centifolia (Cabbage Rose) Extract:
You guessed it - more antioxidants! Gentle astringent and antiseptic properties help tighten pores, treat acne and prevent further blemishes.
- Indian Gentian Flower:
 Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It also boosts cell turnover by stimulating collagen production to fight those fine lines and wrinkles and ensure that you maintain a youthful complexion. 
- Shea Butter:
High concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. A perfect emollient (acts as a barrier against moisture loss) = well-nourished, plump, hydrated and smooth skin.

As you can tell, this baby is basically an anti-aging hero. And personally for us being in our late 20's (cries), this is ALL we want in a skincare product rn.

Libby was particularly skeptical about using this one simply because it contains the word "balm" in its title and, of course Libby being acne-prone, straight away thought "BALM = CLOGGED PORES = MORE ACNE = PLS NO". 

BUT the lesson here friends is to never say never! Libs' skin tends to be more dry in the colder months (she's usually combo) so she decided to give this one a go and now she doesn't know how she'll live without.

Why Libby loves it:

- It makes her acne-prone skin happy. Probably because the antiseptic/antimicrobial properties from all the roses! There haven't been new blemishes appearing since using this which is a really good sign.

- It feels SO SOFT. You know how with some face balms, you really need to put in the effort to warm the product up in your fingers first before putting it on your face because of how thick they are? This one hits different guys.. She's ultra soft and therefore melts straight into your skin with ZERO greasiness and uncomfortable feeling that you would get with other balms that leave a thick occlusive film on your face.

- It provides ample hydration thanks to the Shea Butter and lightweight oils. Her skin feel super soft (like a baby's bum - no joke), smooth and expensive!

Final verdict: This is such a bougie formula for such an affordable price. We honestly think it could be used on all skin types, but especially dry and mature skin.

If you'd like to give her a try, let us know by sending us an email to hello@splendr.com.au and we will have a sample sent your way!

our splendrous tips of the trade


Everyone at one point has gone through burnout - whether that be staying up til 2am at your 24/7 uni library revising for a test on that same day, or working til 10pm and getting called out by your colleague on Microsoft Teams who's being a hypocrite... We've all been there, right? Well, if we don't treat burnout properly, it can actually lead to worse things like depression, heart disease and diabetes.

If you're wondering what the hell burnout is and if you've ever gone through it before, it's basically a stress condition where you are physically, emotionally or mentally drained CONTINUALLY. Note that it's one thing to be stressed for a couple of hours because you're not sure if you left the stove on after leaving the house, and another thing to be stressed from experiencing something for a prolonged period of time which therefore leads to burnout.

How do you know if you're burnout? What out for these signs:
You CEEBS all the time
- You feel physically and emotionally depleted
- You feel so overwhelmed that you stop socialising with people around you (colleagues, family, friends)
- You dread getting out of bed every morning
- You feel hopeless and have a negative outlook on life

What causes it?
Studies have shown that burnout doesn't happen all at once, but rather in stages. It actually all starts from ambition. Don't get us wrong, being ambitious is a great thing - we love those who have drive! But being TOO ambitious is what kicks off the burnout journey. This is most commonly seen in those who start a new job or are undertaking a new task. They have so much energy, so much drive and so much to prove that they work really hard and push themselves to work even harder. Then they and themselves so deep in their work that they sadly deprioritise themselves, sacrificing things like a good night's sleep, wholesome meals and exercise. They convince themselves that they have no time for family and activities/events outside of work. They're now in their own little bubble, feeling detached from their own life and empty inside. You get the gist.. The rest is pretty ugly.

How to overcome or prevent burnout?
- Take breaks throughout the day.
Go for a walk. Separate yourself from the computer or whatever you're doing for at least 15 minutes. This is how you snap out of whatever you're doing so you're not glued to it in an unhealthy way. It also gives your brain a chance to reset and return back to work in a more productive and clear mindset.
- Give yourself a clock-off time and stick to it.
This may seem hard especially for those working from home. We get the temptation to bring your dinner plate into your office and eat it while you're still typing away. Unless it's super urgent (like your boss' boss' boss relying on you to do an important task), just do it tomorrow hun.
- Practice good sleep habits.
Nothing beats a good night's rest. Sleep allows our bodies to rest and reset for the next day ahead. Try and stick to a consistent sleep schedule - you'll feel much better. Do it for your future self!
- Ask for help!!!!
Stop being stubborn and just ask for help. It will be way more efficient and you'll be surprised how much stress it takes off your shoulders. 


Thank you thank you thank you if you've made it this far! We appreciate you and hope this made you smile today. We would also appreciate you more if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on this blog and/or our brand by leaving a comment below. Or if you've tried any of the products from our store, we'd love if you could share your experience by leaving a review on our website! Until next time,

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