Splendrous Moments: Out of lockdown, body butter obsession + let it gooooo!


Oh how things have changed since our last blog... Melbs made it out of lockdown, gyms reopened (yay), Libby went to the dentist for the first time in two years (bc covid tings), and Este has a newfound obsession for preserved flower arrangements. Love that for us.

EOFY is also here which means we're really out here trying to get our shit together before our accountant comes at us. BUT it also means that our EOFY sale is on!!! Have you peeped the sales yet? If not, what are you doing?! Stop reading now and go have a looksie - everything is up to 40% off!

Here are all the discounts up for grabs:

Splendr EOFY sale

Also, sus our website makeover here and let us know what you think of it! We thought it was due for a facelift as we'd been running the basic bitch theme for almost a year now. Do we love or hate the new version guys? We're always looking for ways to make our platform its most efficient and user-friendly version so we'd really appreciate your feedback!

our latest obsession

Shea & Squalane Rich Body Butter

Winter time means we're definitely reaching more for skincare products that have hydrating, emollient and soothing properties, especially for our body which we admittedly neglect more than our face. HD Beauty's Shea & Squalane Rich Body Butter has been a total life saver so far this season.

Why we love it:
- It's not greasy, heavy or sticky AT ALL like certain body butters we've tried before
- It has long-lasting hydration that leaves your skin as smooth and soft as a baby's bum
- It smells SO DAMN GOOD. It has a beautiful floral-ish scent (from parfum) that isn't powerful but still lingers around until the next morning.

What's inside this magical stuff?
- Butters ūüėćūüėćūüėć Mango, shea and mowrah butters, to be exact! Mango butter not only has emollient properties but is very nutrient rich (vitamins A, C, E, calcium, potassium, magnesium - the list goes on). Shea butter contains a very high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins, making it also a perfect emollient. Mowrah butter (tbh we had no idea what this was) is excellent at protecting the skin from dehydration and premature aging by locking moisture deep into the skin (YES PLS).
- Aloe Vera - a classic ingredient for soothing, hydrating and calming the skin. A dream for dry and sensitive skin.
- Squalane - readily absorbed into your skin as your body naturally produces it. It provides superior hydration to the skin without the sticky and greasy feeling.

our splendrous tips of the trade


Tbh this is one that we only truly understood within the last year as our business grew. It didn't help that we're both perfectionists in our work, our habits, and our routines.

How do you know if you're a perfectionist? ūü§Ē
- You're super organised
- You have a strong work ethic
- You have a high attention to detail
- You struggle to relax your thoughts and feelings
- You think you've failed when everyone else around you thinks otherwise

Yep, that's us! Este's the type of perfectionist who chases her tail when she comes up with an epic idea because the thoughts in her head multiply which makes her start questioning whether it's ACTUALLY a good idea and if she should go through with it.
Libby's the one who works on something and keeps adding things, rearranging things and removing things because she thinks it could always look better, when it was perfectly fine to begin with.

As a perfectionist, you set such impossibly high standards for yourself because you're so fixated on achieving success and not wanting to let other people down. But failing to let go of perfection can actually lead to stress, over-thinking and anxiety. And we do not need that in our lives!!!

There were (and still are) certain things that we've tried to perfect as small business owners but realised that they were totally unnecessary and that we should've just moved on more quickly because progress is so much more valuable. We pondered and stressed over things like the colour of our logo, our Instagram theme, our website and our sales targets much longer than we should have. Our biggest lesson: achieving perfection in small business does not exist. Reviewing our performance, constantly striving to be better, and learning from mistakes is what really matters.

This doesn't just apply to small businesses, but to literally anything. Who cares if an idea you have in mind isn't perfect or crystal clear yet? Just get a move on and figure it out along the way. Embrace the journey and the failures that may come with it.

Our advice on letting go of perfectionism:
- Set more realistic/achievable goals for yourself. You'll get boosts of motivation and want to push harder every time you hit those goals.
- Give yourself a reason to move on. This way, you won't keep going around in circles and working on something until it's "perfect". Set a limit on how much work you put in.
- Be kinder to yourself. Just like you would advise a friend who's trying to get something to be perfect.


Thank you thank you thank you if you've made it this far! We appreciate you and hope this made you smile today. We would also appreciate you more if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on this blog and/or our brand by replying directly to this email. Or if you've tried any of the products from our store, we'd love if you could share your experience by leaving a review on our website! Until next time,

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