Is There a Difference in Male and Female Skincare?

Surveys show that a greater proportion of millennial men are using and buying skincare products than ever before. The Australian male skincare market reached $9.6 million, whereas in 2020 it soared to $10.1million. But… Is there a difference in male and female skincare? Is male skincare just another marketing scheme?

The difference? Well, there’s none. Ingredients in a formula are not gender  specific. A moisturiser is a moisturiser; it doesn’t work differently on males or females. Think of it this way, a skincare product can’t tell if you’re a female or male when you apply it on.

So why then is there a whole male skincare range?

There’s no denying that there are distinctly different markets for men’s and women’s skincare lines – the packaging, fragrance, product names and colour. You could also say that the ingredients chosen are geared towards men. However, the difference really comes down to skin types and physiology rather than skincare products and routines.

How does the male and female skin differ?

The presence of the male hormone, testosterone, is what determines the difference between female and male skin. Did you know, on average male skin is about 20-25% thicker due to higher collagen content. Males also have more active oil glands which causes them to produce more sebum. This is why males tend to be prone to acne and less prone to dry skin. The increase in sebum also leads to larger pores. Besides the physiological differences, men grow facial hair so they tend to shave a lot more frequently. The shaver can actually cause quite a lot of irritation to the skin.

What’s the key takeaway?

Whether skincare products are targeted specifically for men or women, the best products are the ones that suit your skin type. Although in general, men might have thicker skin and more oil glands there are also males who have dry and sensitive skin. Everyone all have their own skin concerns. At the end of the day a good skincare routine, regardless of gender, consists of thoroughly cleansing the face whether you have dry skin or not, wearing a hydrating moisturiser and protecting your skin with SPF.

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