How to Slow Down Our Sense of Time


How often do we look at a date and instantly get confused and baffled at how quickly times flies by?! If you have a drink within arms reach, then take a shot if you think that every passing year gets faster and faster. For us, it’s often an unnerving revelation when we reflect back and wonder where all the time went. The bizarre thing is that in our childhood era, a day would feel like a gazillion years, right?! What’s changed?! 




Neuroscientists have noted that the experience of quickened time as we become older is very common. There’s also evidence that children do actually experience time more slowly, and this is because their neural transmission is physically slower than adults. Our childhood was subjected to new learnings that leave lasting impressions on our memories. Therefore, the concept of quickened time is not so bizarre after all, but rather, a scientifically proven phenomenon. 


As we get older, it gets harder and harder to engage in newness. We begin to learn less as the world and experiences become more and more familiar. Eventually, we hit auto pilot and this is when we lose track of time and the new year seems like it has come too soon. 

We know that time moves at the same rate every single day of our lives. We can’t slow down time, but we can certainly change our lifestyle or introduce new habits to help pace ourselves, gain better control of our time, and create a sense of slowness. Here are a few ideas:


  • Rather than the usual mad rush in the morning, wake up 10 minutes earlier than your usual time to sit in a quiet area and consciously reflect, meditate, breathe and practice gratitude. 

  • Rather than buying artwork, paint yourself a masterpiece. Build on your creativity.


  • Disconnect from technology. When you have free time, embrace the boredom or go for a walk or read a book or learn a new language or try out a new recipe. It's such a daunting thought to know how much time technology steals from us. 


  • Book into your calendar ME days, and once they are booked in they cannot be postponed. We get pulled in different directions, out with friends, catching up with family, cleaning, babysitting the neighbours pet, that we totally end up neglecting ourselves. Take this time to practice some well deserved self care. Get your nails done, do a whole 10 step skincare routine, get that long overdue massage. Lie in the grass and just think of your next goals in life. 


  • (One of Este’s favourite) Play relaxing music during your morning and night time routine. 

  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. Allow yourself to sometimes go with the flow and not have everything pre-planned. Although in saying that, do plan to have something exciting to look forward to, like a vacation or something.


As they always say, stop to smell the roses! 


If you have any suggestions on how to lead a slower life please leave a comment below. We would all be keen to hear it!

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