How Silk Benefits Your Hair & Skin

Celebrities swear by it, influencers can’t stop raving about it and our hair stylists won’t stop recommending them. What are we talking about? Silk. What was once a superfluous beauty item is now becoming a product that you wouldn’t want to live without once you’ve tried it. They seem to have exploded in popularity for their ability to deliver smoother, shinier hair and wrinkle free, healthier skin.


Benefits For Hair

The benefits of silk are most visible for hair. Sleeping on silk pillowcases help hair retain moisture from the natural oils and the products applied. Silk doesn’t absorb moisture the way cotton pillowcases do. The oils and emollients stay on the hair, resulting in healthier, smoother, hydrated and shinier hair. There’s definitely less bedhead and styled hair lasts longer.

Silk hair bands/ties and scrunchies don’t pull on the hair, causing breakage and damage like ordinary hair ties do. They ease friction and easily glide over the hair. This minimises any frizziness or weird kinks on our locks.

Benefits For Skin

It’s well established that silk is less irritating to the skin than regular cotton. It’s often said that silk has antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic properties because it seems to be able to reduce lesions and lessen inflammations, but it isn’t widely studied since there’s little evidence to support the benefits.

Silk masks, on the other hand, have shown to reduce maskne. It doesn’t harbour bacteria and reduces friction. This leads to less irritation on the skin and consequently reduced inflammation and blemishes.


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