Splendrous Moments: Exciting projects in the works


Welcome back! Or if you're new here, welcome to our fortnightly blog where we share more than just all things beauty.

We hope you've all had a productive week so far! For us, things are really starting to pick up especially now that Libs is going to get married in just TWO days!!! But why are we not skinny yet..? It's just funny that we had about two years to prep a rockin' bod for this day but here we are forcing ourselves into an intense diet 10 days before because of all the junk we ate during lockdown.. ūüėÖ

In other news, we're still working on our super secret project in the background but also several other mini projects which will help grow our little biz, and we can't wait to share more with you guys in the upcoming weeks!


our latest obsessions

OFRA Cosmetics' Dew The Dew 
Talk about summer essential! This b
ody highlighter has honestly saved us this summer. Dull and dry skin? We don't know her! We're actually bummed that we didn't discover this product earlier! It straight up gives us the glow of a goddess - our skin looks so healthy and bronzed every. single. time! This is probably because it contains an ingredient called Mica which gives it the pearlescent/shimmery effect, but it also contains Squalane, Glycerin and Sweet Almond Oil which all help keep the skin hydrated and moisturised. We also can confirm.. no sticky feeling! Woohoo love that for us. We've only tried the shade "Topaz" which is the darkest shade available, but we found worked perfectly for our skin tone to give it that extra bronzey look. It also comes in two other gorgeous shades, "Moonstone" and "Rose Quartz".

CLE Cosmetics' Melting Lip Powder
Where do we even begin with this product..? It's been our go-to for everything! Probably because it's the most versatile product we've ever come across.
 Yes, it is called a "lip powder" but can technically be used on your cheeks and eyes as well! What makes it so unique? When friction is applied, this pigmented powder magically transforms into a creamy and nourishing stain, all thanks to its hero ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. It is such a fun, creative and innovative product in our opinion! You can even mix the colours together to make unique shades. The best part is that you can easily achieve a natural and sheen look or build it up for a more bolder vibe. Este's been obsessed with the shade "Blushing Peach" for everyday wear and Libs has been all about the "Hot Choco".


have you tried this?

If you haven't.. Have you been living under a rock?! Please do us - actually, yourself - a favour and try Hanskin's Moisture Cream. This sh*t is phenomonal.. When we first swatched it, we just knew it was going to be a game-changer. And a game-changer it is! Hanskin's product range overall is just amazeballs, but let's just talk about this moisturiser in particular.. It has the most bouncy, lightweight, gel texture. It's not a completely transparent gel though - it's more like a super glossy cream-gel.

If you're after that illuminating glass-skin vibe, look no further! This moisturiser contains a special blend of (wait for it) not one, not two, but THREE types of Hyaluronic Acid to draw an abundance of moisture to the skin. Now isn't that just music to every dry/dehydrated skin girl's ears?! The best thing about this baby is that we've heard great reviews and experiences from those with oilier skin types who have tried this product. We have an all-rounder here guys! Once again, if you haven't tried her - please do and thank us later.


fun fact moment

We LOVE learning - it's honestly the best thing about having our own little biz. The constant learning motivates us to do what we do everyday. This little segment is for you to (hopefully) also learn something - whether it is about us personally (yep there's more to us than just two chicks who wear makeup) or something that we've learnt and think is worth sharing!

Today's fun fact: We both studied a course in uni that had nothing to do with business! We both graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Science! Yep, we went to the exact same uni and did the same course. However, we hadn't cross paths at this stage just yet. Este went on to complete her Honours after completing the degree (okay fine, she's the smarter one) and then we both met at our first full-time jobs. Yep, we worked at the same company.

Anyway, we both majored in Formulation Science in our degrees. Basically, we learnt how to formulate mainly medicines, but also paints and cosmetics! And thankfully enough, took this knowledge with us into our full time jobs at a global cosmetics company. A lot of people say that uni was a complete waste of their time because it didn't help them get their jobs at all or have any connection to each other. Uni for us was different - it was such a pivotal point in our lives. Okay, look - to be brutally honest, we don't remember half the sh*t from uni (I feel like a lot of graduates say this), but we're truly grateful that it has led us to our full-time jobs to meet each other and therefore bring splendr to life. Here we are today!


Thank you thank you thank you if you've made it this far! We appreciate you and hope this made you smile today. Until next time,

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