Splendrous Moments: COVID tings, lo-fi brain stimulation + lipstick as blush?!


Hellllloooo we hope you're keeping well, safe and warm - espeically to our fellow Victorians who are currently in lockdown :( Well, let's hope that we hear some promising news tonight about getting out of lockdown and restrictions easing! We're pretty bummed because we had a trip to Sydney planned for this upcoming long weekend. And no, not for work for once! We were literally just going to go to stuff our faces with food ofc. We even had a whole list of places ready to tick off as we visit them. Yeah, itinerary and everything. That's fine, it's not like we were really really really excited to go........

Libby's woo-woo side is telling us that this is happening for a reason, like the universe giving us a little kick on the bum and tell us to spend this time working on other things (but still, a mini vacation would have been nice..)

Being in lockdown meant that we missed out on a week in the office together so we've had to have our meetings virtually (oh the joys of laggy conversations). Lockdown was also well spent going on lots of walks, reading, A LOT of Netflix and admittedly online shopping (we're sure we're not the only ones). How's everyone else going in iso? Don't forget, we're only one DM and email away if you want to chat!

our latest obsession

Are you the type of person who NEEDS to have music playing in the background as you work? Or would you rather work in dead silence?

We're the former! To be more specific, we find it SUPER productive when working to Lo-Fi music. Anyone else?? There's just something about Lo-Fi music that makes you feel relaxed but focused at the same time. It really gets your brain juices flowing. Our obsession with working to Lo-Fi music actually started before we launched our website - this time last year, actually. We were sitting in Libby's living room, rugged up, heater on, candle lit, faces stuck to our computers, making sure all of our SKUs were properly set up before the big launch day. By properly being set up, we mean typing out our product descriptions, setting prices, SKU codes, product images, and all the aesthetic things. We even had to get our hubbys to pitch in and help! Ahh, the mems...

Anyway, we recently brought back the Lo-Fi music during lockdown 4.0 because we knew how productive it made us feel. Try it for yourself! Or if you have other music genres that you work to, let us know which ones - we're curious people if you haven't already noticed lol.

Here are our Lo-Fi playlist recommendations (for Spotify users):

our splendrous tips of the trade

We LOVE learning - it's honestly the best thing about having our own little biz. The constant learning motivates us to do what we do everyday. This little segment is for us to share with you things that we have learnt previously which we hope you find helpful or useful, whether it be from our professional careers working in the skincare industry, as new business owners, or even just personal advice!

If you know us, you know that we're all about efficiencies! Even when it comes to skincare and makeup. We LOVE a multi-use product. Cue today's beauty tip...

Have you ever tried using lipstick as blush? If you're into the whole dewy makeup look, we defs recommend using lipstick to give a flush of colour to the cheeks! You'd be surprised at how good it looks (we know we were). It's a great option if you wanna save some pennies on a liquid/cream formula blush. We find that it's more forgiving than powder blushes, in the sense that you can get messy with it by blending with your fingertips and if you f!$k up, you can easily fix it up without leaving yourself looking like a patchy mess. You can also add more to build to the colour intensity of your liking. Of course it helps if the lippie you're using is more of a creamy/satin finish, rather than a dry matte.
Here are some lippies that we're currently loving to use a blushes:

Thank you thank you thank you if you've made it this far! We appreciate you and hope this made you smile today. We would also appreciate you more if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on this blog and/or our brand by leaving a comment below. Or if you've tried any of the products from our store, we'd love if you could share your experience by leaving a review on our website! Until next time,

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