5 Others Ways to Use Your Cleansing Oil


5 Others Ways to Use Your Cleansing Oil

If we were to play a game of Family Feud and the question was what was the most used words in 2021 it would be “unprecedented”, “pivot” and of course “new cleansing oil”. Real talk though, how can we possibly keep up with all the new cleansing oil launches in 2021! No actually, real REAL talk, it has revolutionised our skin cleansing routine. Goobye to micellar waters and makeup wipes.

If you’re not yet familiar with cleansing oils or double cleansing, oh boy, you’re missing out. Traditionally, cleansers were limited to a surfactant, gel-based cleansers.  These cleansers have slowly evolved and there are now options for sulfate free, all natural and super gentle cleansers.  Japan was the first noted country that started the cleansing oil trend but it was only really in recent years that it has really taken off in the western countries. The idea of a cleansing oil was first born when a makeup artist wanted to be able to remove heavy or waterproof makeup without stripping the skin but still achieve a deep clean.  As brands continue to explore this concept and become more creative there are actually other opportunities to use cleansing oils for other purposes, not just to remove your makeup.

  1. Double Cleansing

You don’t necessarily need to have makeup on to gain the benefits of double cleansing. Cleansing oils can also dissolve SPF, pollution, sebum build up etc. and help really cleanse the skin thoroughly. A face wipe alone won’t properly dislodge foundation and pollution particles.

  1. Pre cleanse for your makeup brushes

This one was a light bulb moment for us. If it can remove heavy makeup on our face then of course it will help remove makeup from our brushes! Similar to double cleansing, we would recommend pre cleansing your dry and dirty brushes with the cleansing oil and then using a gentle gel cleanser to complete the cleansing process. The benefit also with using cleansing oils is that it will be able to help the hairs, especially natural fibres, to stay soft and essentially last longer.

  1. Pre-Treatment Hair Oil

We all love a good hair oil treatment but the likes of coconut oil, castor oil and jojoba oil make it difficult to totally wash the oil off. If you actually had a read of many cleansing oils today it contains beneficial ingredients for the hair as well. It also has the added benefit of an emulsifier or oil-based surfactant that can help the oil turn milky and therefore aid with rinsing process.  Soft and nourished hair without the need to do 2-3 washes.

  1. A shaving cream substitutes

It’s so much easier and smoother to shave with an oil. The gliding power of an oil is unmatched. Just add a few pumps of oil cleanser onto dry legs and shave away. Once you’re done, wash it off, watch it go milky and reveal smooth, moisturised, super model legs. It also helps from preventing razor sensitivities or inflammation

  1. Nourishing bath

If you have a bath, add a few pumps of cleansing oil to give yourself a nourishing bath. Not only will it make your bath smell delicious but also help to slightly moisturise and cleanse your skin at the same time.




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